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Wow ... I'm here to join the club. This started happening on my 2015 335i xdrive. 34,000 miles. It's under CPO, which at first I figured should be no problem, but then read through the forums here. A few threads have conflicting experiences. It's such a shame there is such variability across dealers. I even saw completely contradictory stories in this thread -- i.e. a 'mechanical' part vs 'electrical' part, and either / or making it ineligible for CPO.

Obviously it's all a load of bunk. I say the device is electromechanical ... I have mechanical problems when initially pulling the door handle, which fails per everyone else's description, and then can successfully unlock it via the center electrical button. Considering this -- that it's both / either a or b, I intend to have it fixed CPO. By now BMW dealers should have seen a few of these?