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Originally Posted by Diirek View Post
This is not my personal story, but thought I'd share....

I dude that works in the same building as I has a 2014 335 xDrive. Not sure if it's a CPO car, or if he purchased an extended warranty. We work similar schedules and shoot the shit in the parking lot sometimes talking about our cars, etc.

His car developed a rattle and he took it into Herb Chambers BMW on comm ave, right down the street from our office. They had the car for maybe 3 weeks and apparently replaced the engine due to a bearing failure, all covered under warranty.

What's even better is that he took his car in with an Injen intake still on the car. The service manager called him and asked his permission to pull the intake off for service/warranty inspection. They did, the motor and/or components of the motor were replaced, and they even re-installed the intake for him.

Needless to say, I think I know where I'll be taking my car for servicing now...
I guess only go there for what's covered under warranty. My personal experience was:
Quoted for
300 dollars to install black kidney grilles( because they need to remove the bolts for the bumper )

200 dollars to install and glue the OEM rear spoiler ( they insisted that it had to be glued and 3M tape wouldn't last long.. and the special glue they quoted was 59$)
So took these parts to a local, 50$ in total
Didn't use the glue and my rear spoilt is spot on after 3 years ownership