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Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
Yeah, Tesla has just published their Q3. Still no change from how it's been for 15 years and counting: just a couple of quarters from bankruptcy.
Tesla won't ever go completely under. Their IP is too valuable, they would get acquired before that would happen. I'm talking about:

Their track record with support for older cars recently read an article about lack of support for first-gen roadsters and trouble when the owners needed work on them. They ended up having to a specialist. Good luck finding those around the country.

Numerous build quality issues:

Problems getting support for their car:

Changes in what is actually offered with the car and pricing:

In addition, Elon is really a cowboy owner who can be a risk to the company. Such as when he got investigate by the SEC. (Settled, but really?)

I honestly liked the 3, I drove the LR that a friend owns, and test drove the performance. The Performance Model is fantastic, but I wouldn't put the LR in the same boat as the M340i. I didn't want to deal with the charger installation, as it required some tricky rewiring. Additionaly, interior is really meh IMO, and it's ugly as sin.

I did actually try to look a bit to find what your previous BMW cars were, but the vast majority of your posts are talking about Teslas, and I am not gonna trawl 500+ posts to find it. Honestly man, it's tricky to find what you drove, and what your opinion of it was.