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higher boost with lower ignition timing than with lower boost will generate bigger power. according to your logic - best thing would be run B58 natural aspirated with 32 degrees of ignition timing. Sadly, but you will get ~250hp only, not 430hp. Using more load, ignition timing will not stay the same, look at OEM ignition tables vs rpm vs load. Yes, timing is important, but without burning more fuel/air mixture you will not get power. Increasing boost is the main reason why you can increase 30-40% of power for turbo engines. Increasing timing with the same boost will end up ~5% gains with good fuel only.

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I thought we agreed that better timing is more important than more boost

If power is the same why run higher boost and put stress on the components.

Also more boost will consume more fuel which will not combust properly as a result of the retarded timing which will lead to less efficiency.