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more loaded cylinder will usually need less timing advance as more dense mixture will burn faster and too much advance using fast burning mixture = ignition before TDC. So, usually oem ignition tables are made minus ~1 degree of timing advance per +10% load. E85 can use much more advanced timing because ethanol is burning slow and you need to ignite it way before TDC to make efficient burn. Ignition and knock are not the only limitations, turbocharger flow is very important parameter also, bigger turbo with the same boost can make ~50hp more than same boost with smaller turbo.

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No, best thing is to find the best balance between boost and timing.

Which is the highest boost before the engine knocks.

Go back to the basics of how an engine works, the air fuel mixture ignites near TDC pushing the piston and rotating the crankshaft.

Whatever amount of Fuel and Air you push into the cylinder are useless if ignition occurs way below TDC the piston will not have enough force.