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Your log looks really good. I'm running a high boost, low timing setup, peak boost 22PSI then pretty well 20 PSI flat to 6000 RPM, so I'm fuel limited to about E12 and I consistently see HPFP pressures drop to about 1300 PSI, but only between 3800 - 4500 RPM. This is because the HPFP is a lobe based design and at peak torque/Load the RPM limits the pump capacity. At the drag strip where the car is always >5000 RPM I've noticed HPFP stays 2500 PSI+

You should try ramping your Load/boost target up from 5000 RPM, you've got plenty of fuel pressure to play with there.

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Lol nevermind, just went back and looked at some other logs and the lowest its gotten is 1500psi. Seems like I'm starting to get close to the edge.
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