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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
I asked LV if these changes using BMW original parts altered the quote and they say NO.
These are "replacements like for like".
PS) I should mention BMW are supplying and fitting Black Tips and Grills and Performance mats to mine.
They might not change the quote, but you should still declare them. Anything that alters the appearance of the car or makes it potentially more desirable can obviously alter their risk; just better to be safe than sorry, they will get out of paying a claim at any opportunity! I've always declared any mods (no matter how small) on all my cars, there are stories online of people not declaring seemingly small things like this, and cover being voided because the car was made to look more desirable with eg the black grilles (so eg a higher risk of being stolen), or made to look like a different line (eg putting the black tips from the 'Sport' line on).

Obviously up to you mate but I've always figured it's better to be safe than sorry! If it was me and they did insist I didn't have to declare, I'd at least get that in writing from them; different insurers may differ on this, but this has been my experience over the years...
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