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I have 86000 miles on my e92 coupe. I use a reputable Indy shop that is significantly cheaper than the dealership. Stay the hell away from the dealership, repeat, stay the hell away from the dealership. They will completely rip you off. The repair and maintenance costs have not been much higher than any of the modern Hondas I have owned except for the oil for oil changes due to it being full synthetic and the volume of oil required. My wife's 2010 Subaru WRX that we just sold required costly frequent maintenance that was very much on par with the cost of BMW maint. after warranty. We just sold it and bought her a new 335i m sport.
Yes this is true about subies they cost a lot to maintain as well. Maybe because WRX and STI are the performance models so they charge more assuming the average buyer for these cars has deeper pockets.