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Originally Posted by bananachipz View Post
Keep us posted.

While I like BMS, they really need to hire someone to write clear documentation. It's all over the place, and finding out after purchase that there is no indicator on the CAN tool is just bad business. It would have taken them 2 seconds to put a notice on the website.
Well the downpipe is on earlier than expected, and it runs AMAZING. The tune made a big difference, but this set it over the top!

I actually do photography and online media and marketing at a VW, Audi, Porsche performance shop, and we are merging into the BMW world now that we have a few resources to start development. I can't give to much information since we are not an advertiser on the forum and I will get flagged for it. However, we will become an advertiser very soon after all of the preliminary real world testing is done as well as dyno testing.

Oh, and the can tool works just like terry said... No lights