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xHP TCU flash review on x35d ZF 8HP

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share my experience with xHP for anybody here considering it for their x35d (N57) engines.

I went directly for stage 3 OTS map and difference really is staggering:
1. The car shifts so much faster in both D as well as S/S+ - to a point where you really feel it
2. This reflected in the times - 0-100,100-200,1/4mile all improved thanks to faster shifting and removal of torque limits in 3rd & (I think) 5th; in the few tries I did (measured on dragy):
2.1. 0-100: 4.27 to 4.15 -> this is using the custom launch control with ~25% more torque both to build and to allow after launch. Key to note, do not use this in rain , yesterday I did +30% in the wet and for the first time ever I stood in place in my xDrive BMW
- I didn't get the advertised 0.2-0.7s improvement, but the sliders go all the way to +40% there is more room for improvement (max I did was +28%); also some people reported better launches in Sport and transmission in D instead of S - haven't tried that though
2.2 100-200: 12.43 to 12.08
2.3 1/4 mile: 12.45 to 12.32
2.4 0-200: 16.70 to 16.26

3. I am very impressed with some of the nice customizations it offers - I'm using custom launch control and trying the shiftmap editors too
4. What I didn't like was that shiftpoints stayed way up @5,000rpm in sport/sport+ and @2,000 in D; but I'm trying to adjust now with shiftpoint option editor to get closer to Alpina setting which is much better for both economy & performance; EDIT: I just did at it works great! Plus gives you ability to really adjust every single shiftpoint to perfection yourself . Just note - it takes ~50miles of normal driving after such flash for the TCU to settle - don't push it
5. The process of flashing is very easy - no need for battery charger - on these engines there is no need to make initial backup; I got the bimmergeeks K+Dcan cable as I didn't trust the Thor dongle, but they will both work very well - initial flash took 3-4 mins and flashing a map is less than a minute; only issue I have with the cable is that its not very securely attached to the car and always seems like its going to fall out (maybe though I do it wrong)

So overall very happy - can't recommend it enough! Ill be careful with the LC - don't want to put too much stress on the transmission .

Last - I had a flash from Evolve previously on the TCU which made 0 difference. It looked like Stage 1 - only removing the torque limits, but not showing the gears even. But yeah, no difference, and when I asked for something better (showing gears, faster shifttimes), I didn't get an answer back. So I don't recommend going down that route.

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