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Originally Posted by luke1990 View Post

Just thought I'd share my experience with xHP for anybody here considering it for their x35d (N57) engines.

I went directly for stage 3 OTS map and difference really is staggering:
1.The car shifts so much faster in both D as well as S/S+ - to a point where you really feel it...
Hi Luke. With the Xhp does the 435D start in Second gear from rest in D?

Do you find Xhp reduces the Torque Converter slur on low speed acceleration from standstill in D?

3. I am very impressed with some of the nice customizations it offers - I'm using custom launch control and trying the shiftmap editors too
I'm interested in Xhp mainly due to the editor for the shift points.

4. What I didn't like was that shiftpoints stayed way up @5,000rpm in sport/sport+ and @2,000 in D; but I'm trying to adjust now with shiftpoint option editor to get closer to Alpina setting which is much better for both economy & performance
I'd want shiftpoints up in D to be quite a bit higher than 2000 but 5000 in S/S+ seems excessive (to me) given the Torque curve of the standard engine.

Can you keep us updated with your progress with the shiftmap editor.