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Originally Posted by Techno 9000 View Post
Hi Luke. With the Xhp does the 435D start in Second gear from rest in D?

Do you find Xhp reduces the Torque Converter slur on low speed acceleration from standstill in D?

I'm interested in Xhp mainly due to the editor for the shift points.

I'd want shiftpoints up in D to be quite a bit higher than 2000 but 5000 in S/S+ seems excessive (to me) given the Torque curve of the standard engine.

Can you keep us updated with your progress with the shiftmap editor.
1. No starts normally in D1
2. Not sure what you mean by TC slur I'm not a native speaker. The acceleration on low speed is fantastic
3. The shiftpoints work great. You can sellect shiftpoint adjustment for both upshifts and downshifts offset for each gear separately. And the setting is separated in D and S which is greawt. I did -16% in D and -7% in. The 2000 I mean with low acceleration - When you do that, stock setting shifts at above 2000, while alpina more like 1500-1700 which is more economical. You can get that here too. Since you dont set hard shiftpoints (that would be impossible since it depends on how throttle you apply), its an offset. When you step on it, it will shift in 4500 in D as well
4. As stated in my update - Im super happy. Will do fair more tinkering with it, but its so intuitive and simple to use