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Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
Luke, how about an update on your latest position with your xHP tuning?

I have an Evolve-R remap on my 2018 335d F31 xDrive and I'm really interested in trying the transmission tune too as it should really complement the big jump in hp + torque.

Are you running it in Stage 3 all the time or have you reverted to Stage 2. Just wondered as I have seen other posts where they thought that Stage 3 changes in S/S+ were very quick but also harsh and so probably hard on the transmission. Whats your experience?
Well as a quick update they brought in new features - which now also allow to adjust max shiftpoints when you apply more than 95% (I think) of throttle so thats supper cool. I have faster, crisper shiftpoints, more optimized shifts for daily economic driving as well as optimized shiftpoints both up and down for sporty driving, have set the max RPM to 4600 to avoid going beyond that where power just drops off, have faster acceleration a bit because launch adjustments (though thats about the only feature that didn't really do much for me) and faster acceleration in gears as they removed torque limits in both 3rd and I think 5th. And I have different settings I cant recommend it enough .

Stage 3 I think is fine as long as you dont drive all the time in Sport+. Thats where it really get sharp. Stage 3 driving Sport plus is sharp but I feel ok. Of course I can't talk for the transmission