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Originally Posted by rfx45 View Post
Same engineers that has made BMWs reliability so notorious?
BMW's are quite reliable mechanically.
Generally, BMW's get dinged on those surveys due to the overly complicated electronics they implement, as BMW likes to be at the forefront of technology not behind it. If you're an innovator there is always a risk with being an early adopter.
However, over time BMW does respond to the problems and makes serious attempts to fix the issues.

When it comes to mechanical things, and especially engines, BMW's are very reliable.
The HPFP issue did hurt BMW, but they found an answer, offered a solution, and gave extended warranty on the affected part.
That's pretty good imo. Toyota buried their sludging problem pretty well.
Think back, when was the last time you heard of BMW engines having problems with extended mileage use? When have you heard of engine problems resulting from a too long oil change interval?

For that matter, think about most all car makers. Modern engine building has come a LONG way from the days of leaky gaskets, and faulty rings where blue smoke from the tailpipe was a common feature in nearly all engines. I remember when all GM small blocks were expected to start burning oil by 100K miles, it was given. If you had one of those engines and it didn't smoke it was considered exceptional. Now, if your engine burns oil by 100K miles, that is the exception and not the norm.
Those were the oil smokey days of 3000-5000 mile oil changes. It sure didn't help those cars. That was due to engine manufacturing of that era. It's a different manufacturing world now. As well, oil technology is not what it was back then. Even non synthetics are better than they were, and synthetics are amazing at what they can now offer. We have higher powered engines and better MPG these days. Oil tech is part of that success.