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More steering rack/column drama.

Originally Posted by F30Spida View Post
Yes, I had both changed
Something interesting, well come to think of it probably more shocking happened to my F30 last week.. So the steering saga continues.

In early April 2013 I finally had my new steering rack and steering column installed as a part of the fix authorised out of Germany.
Having done over 2,000 kms since the new parts were installed. The problem appeared to be fixed..

I received an email from Auto Classic last Monday advising me that they had more work to complete on my vehicle. I assumed it was for my new build plate and a new reverse camera.. As I live 600 kms from my dealership I told them it would have to wait until my first service in another 5,000 kms and that I was planning on driving to Esperance on the coast that coming weekend (330 each way)

My reply email was met with a phone call from the service manager… advising me not to drive my vehicle at all as there is a problem with the new steering column and they would be sending a car carrier asap to drop off a car for me and pick up my car. As that sounded serious, I asked why I was told the following;

Apparently the new steering column BMW advised them to use was the same one used in another BMW that also fits the F30.. Where the problem lies is….. the replacement steering column that they put into my car has the mechanical steering lock mechanism built into the column. The F30 on the other hand doesn't have a mechanical steering lock and is electronic. Therefore at high speed and over seriously bumpy damaged roads (like most roads in WA) there is a slight risk that the knocking could in fact cause the mechanical steering mechanism to engage on my car while driving, rending the steering wheel locked and immovable., which at 110km/h would equal disaster for me and my car.

Interestingly enough though, I was told the risk was ever so slight, however I was not allowed to drive it. Go figure.. I was told that BMW said they could fix it by re-strapping it.. however they had decided in my particular case they want to replace the whole column again with a new one sent from Germany. The last one came from Germany as well… apparently…

To be honest I don't know what to expect or believe …. I guess I will be hitting them up for written confirmation that it was replaced… the last thing I want to be is paranoid on long trips at high speed.

I am not sure if the column they used initially was the one instructed to be used by BMW (they said it was) or Auto Classic took it upon themselves… so I can't say whether this is related to just my problem or if they have used the same column in all replacements prior to April 2013. Either way, I am a bit pissed about the whole situation.

Interested to know if anyone else has been contacted by their dealership about this, if not, I would probably ask the question just to be safe.

I apologise for any grammatical errors and long winded post, battling a flu at the moment, so pinging around on medication haha.
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