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I never pay list but will happily buy a pre reg. For example my 340i was 35% off list with a few miles on the clock , so under £30k. My previous was a 10 month Lexus with 1500 miles and 40% off list at £20k.

I appreciate that it will depreciate like no ones business but I'm getting the enjoyment of driving a new car. I'm also aware of the history and it will have a 3 year warranty, new tyres, discs, pads, never been tracked etc.

I don't see the problem with paying extra for that peace of mind...if you can afford it.
It's BMW's level of pre reg cars that are killing the used prices. The targets set by the manufacturer are so unachievable the only way they can get to them is to build and pre reg cars. Other manufacturers don't do this so much, Audi being one of them which is why they retain more value in their products.
Yes and I've heard from a few sources recently sales staff are not that happy with the level of pre reg as in some dealerships they are restricted from handling the transaction as they can only sell new. Forecourts seem awash with cars

Anyone remember the days when new cars sat in fields unsold at the docks for months as no buyers.