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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
I didn't even know that this was in question.
It wasn’t really an unknown since we received inside information from yngulgyn years ago that confirmed it, but it is still nice to have official word from BMW.

I think BMW would piss off a lot of customers by converting one of their most driver oriented series to a FWD economy poopfest.
They did just that with the 1 Series hatchback, and it sells in greater numbers than the 2 Series Coupe. Of course, the larger target market also means there are plenty of customers who simply don’t care which wheels drive the car.

Someday, once EVs have sufficient penetration, everything in the sub-3 lineup will probably move to a RWD platform similar to VW’s MEB. The G42 (the next 2er Coupe) should be in production through approximately 2028. A key point of interest by the middle of next decade will be whether the following generation will coincide with a switch to electric, and if not, will they be able to justify another go on CLAR.

Reckoning day is coming across the industry, and there will be a time when enthusiasts need to understand that a vote against EV is a vote for FWD. Personally, I’d take a VW ID.3 or Honda E today over a Golf or Fit today without so much as a second thought, and a big reason for that is that the former are RWD.