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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
They did just that with the 1 Series hatchback, and it sells in greater numbers than the 2 Series Coupe. Of course, the larger target market also means there are plenty of customers who simply don’t care which wheels drive the car.
They literally destroyed the 1 Series with FWD. That car was a lot of fun with RWD and true xDrive. Now we get the FWD Haldex mediocre AWD which is a pity.

They sell more because it is a different car (four door hatch) and is of course more appealing to a wider range of customers as the coupe niche is so much smaller. In other words, the four door hatch people have no other choice.

BMW is no longer the ultimate driving machine, that's for sure. I see no reason to settle for an expensive FWD hatch. Too many choices out there, and suddenly Audi with its Quattro setting looks already better. Sour conclusion but that's the truth.