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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
As long as there is no compact RWD sedan in the lineup, BMW is simply refusing to take American money.
BMW made those sedans y'all love in the 90s/00s because *everybody in europe drove a sedan (or touring)*. Same thing with the manual - BMW didn't provide 6MT because of some die-hard petrolheads in the US but because *everybody in europe drove a DD with a manual*. Due to catering to US demands (SUVs and automatic), the european automobile supply chain developed automatic transmissions that now rival manual transmissions (for daily driving) and most of the europeans switched to it, as they are switching to SUVs to a large extend.

So now there is no huge european demand backing up the US petrolhead's niche demands and those are getting increasingly axed (I6 RWD hatchbacks, smaller than G20 RWD sedans, 6MT etc.)

So maybe complain to the US population 1980-2010 more than to the BMW C-levels who have to keep BMW profitable.