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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post

Just take a look at how many 328i owners on this site are excited about mods to get more power from the N20. They are happy that they can mod the N20 to equal or near equal power level as the N55.
That's great. Yet, as with any mod that messes with stock engine tuning, the warranty will be void if the dealer finds it.
For most yes, but companies such as Dinan are recognized by BMW, and their tunes won't void the warranty. I do agree 100% with the rest of your post. I currently own a 2011 E90 335 M Sport, but just ordered the F30 328 M Sport. I know I am going to miss the N55 a ton. My reasons for the switch have more to do with being practical than anything else as I have my first child on the way and need to consider the lower car payment, lower insurance, and lower fuel costs. But some day I will go back to the 335. Or the M3. Or the M5. Or the M6.