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It is sad that you friends are taking advantage of you. They are assuming you are stupid and will take this really really BAD deal.

I am paying $590 a month on a fully loaded M-Sport 335i.
You can get fully loaded 328 for less than what they are offering you.

I just did the math. If I include the marked up MF over 36 months you are essentially paying $2800 extra!!!

Using the same car above with no markups and +500 dealer profit over invoice your monthly would drop to $483. This is the average deal a customer should get. A good deal for a friend should be below invoice in my opinion... Some friends you have,lol

Here is my recommendation.
Go to
Build the car you want.
Contact a dealership and offer then + $500 over the invoice price on
Plan to only pay $725 for Acquisition Fee, Base .00130 MF on the lease
Do not get any addons etc