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Little Feedback!

hello dear forum and hello Jarek!

None of you know, but I am a very difficult customer! But the Jarek is very hard to help me.

He responds to every customer request and also changes a lot in his app, so that everyone has something of it.

At the beginning, the app was unfortunately very mau. Jarek set up the app step by step with love and heart and took every, but also every feedback from me seriously.

jarek as a person is a very qualitative working type!

He does his job very well and never lets you down.

I myself come from Germany - incidentally haha

now to the app itself:

every function programmed is working too. The car clearly has more power and not too little.

I was only interested in the "Burble" in itself! I still use a catalyc converter. the jarek had to create a custom file for me to be able to respond to my wishes. He also did that wonderfully.

Let's make it short:

+ Works stable
+ dynamic (jarek can change everything on request, where is there something else?)
+ Safety is written high here - very important
+ he warns me if I ask too much: D
+ you will not regret the purchase (is also positive) haha

-Jarek I have to consider a negative aspect because I can balance it.

-IOS must come as soon as possible