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Well this wasn't too bad at all, much easier than the coilover install. It just takes time.

The stock brakes were nearing the end of their useful life. These are brand _new brakes so just that on its own is very nice to begin with. The pedal is a tad off at the top, I will bleed again next weekend, possibly this time involving ista. The feel and stopping power is much better. The redstuff pads so far are dead silent and have a good bite (once I get through the bit of pedal sponge). They're way too much for the snow tires. The rotors look great, the gold color isn't bad, but there's salt all over everything .. i'll look in the spring. I should consider 19s.

I built the new calipers/pads/lines on the bench. Siphoned the old fluid. Drove out the old pads and pushed the pistons in. Reinserted old pads so the calipers don't blow apart. Loosened all the bolts just left one caliper bolt in loose. Now installed pedal depressor. Broke the line open, no drip. Remove caliper and line, swap disc and clean hub, install caliper and line. A 16mm 12 point socket helps for the rear caliper bolts. There is not much room to swing the breaker bar, one tooth of the 12pt is about it.

Once everything is tight, pressure check, add fluid and pressure bleed. I did 3 passes around the car and I had the rubber mallet tapping the calipers and abs thing. Bleed clutch. The key to bleeding the clutch is to go under sideways, legs under right side. Very visible that way. And the 11mm stubby reversible ratcheting wrench.

Use esys to add spbr to ho-wort folder and write vo to vcm, recode DSC module. Test drive then bed in, I did about 8 hard 60-20 almost stops with a little cooling time.