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Originally Posted by MaestroAl
Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
I see your point - I should have quoted the 335/328 enthusiast vs non enthusiast comment.

But in honesty it is fun to drive any bmw on a closed track. If you were in my area i would bug the hell out of you to come out and represent for the f30s! The perception of the performance of any of these cars based on driving in the city is quickly washed away after one session.

Matter of fact im gonna check out where youre from to see if i should bug the hell out of you or not later - Im on the lame bpost app right now.
I'm with ya. I've also tracked a number of times. I live next door to Donington Park Never my own car though. Impossible to insure it and it's not worth the tyres and/or wear and tear on the car IMO. I prefer to do the odd organised days where you get to try crazy stuff like the Atom, Caterham, F430 and whatnot
But you gotta take the bmw out. No wear and tear and for tires get a track set and maybe a break pad set. All you need.

Its good to know what the capabilities or ones own car is. For shits and giggles and just in case shit happens.

If you dont want to dirty the car cover the while front in painters tape lol.

Mines a lease so drive the shit out of it and then get into a new car. Repeat cycle. Lol.