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Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
If you get a tune for your 328i you'll void the warranty. If you get the PPK tune for 335i you won't. There's a reason for that, the much higher operating pressure in the 328i.

I say enjoy the cars for what they are. 328i is faster in the twisties, 335i is faster in the straight aways, M3 is faster than both at both.
They're easily removable so you can just pop them off or turn them to stock maps when you go in for work done.

People shouldn't worry so much the only way it'll void your warranty is if there is a problem like the cars throwing codes or something or you're having engine problems then they'll check but if you take out the tune they can't really prove anything.

They dont comb your car for those kinds of things, its not like they're out to get you lol. I'm not saying have the tune on at all times just use it when you want a little extra power. People have been modding their cars since long before we were born its not that big of a deal.
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