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Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
if u know u want to upgrade ur suspension, as i do, id rather spend the extra couple hundred bucks to get the m perf than spend a grand on the adaptive and then later switch springs etc, etc.

In your case I agree to this

Way cheaper overall and go straight for the proper performance upgrade, i dont believe in just lowering a car for looks.

I do not agree who says that the springs will not improve performance; M per suspension is not coilovers just a spring shock set up. So performance should be similar.

And the m perf susp lowers the car an addition 10mm, just FYI for the comment u quoted above

same as the e90, thats only 0.393701 inches

Also i went through the springs ordeal w my dealer on my e90. we ended up not doin any upgrade cause it was not well received when i ran it through them about the lease return process etc
If I leased it I prob would not do too many aftermarket upgrades.

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