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Originally Posted by MarkyMarkOz View Post
Hello All.

I am Newbie to this forum and wanted to say first hi to the Aussies & thanks for the info in this thread so far. Second, I am interested your thoughts on tyres? After just one week of driving my new 328 (sportline, mineral white) the only thing that jumps at me for first mods is in order of priority is - tyres, stage 1 tune, blackout all chrome bits exterior, brakes.
Welcome Mark

Congrats on the new car too Sounds like there's a few of us 328s

I think I'm going to run the first pair of tyres in. From all accounts read so far, everyone seems to appreciate the newer generation of runflats compared to the first, so I might give them a good go before replacing them with non-runflats.

Blackout is definitely in order but the tunes, I'm not sure yet. Have been following the BMS N20 tune threads with some very positive outcomes either by itself or a few bolt ons. But I'll stay on the fence for now and continue reading. There's a few tunes out there now, so do let us know which tune you decide to go with