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Originally Posted by ZmmF30xi
Turbo cars especially need higher octane or high compression engines.... with all that compressed air in the combustion chamber you want to make sure that the fuel gets ignited when its supposed to get ignited. Not when its not supposed to, which in that case you will get detonation. Low octane means that the fuel is less stable compared to high octane. Low octane will pre-ignite from the heat generated from the cylinder walls. Compressed air, fuel and heat you will get a boom when fuel can be easily ignited!

Its like diesels... there is no spark plug... just compressed air, diesel and you get BOOM!
Higher octane. Not higher compression. Look at any naturally aspirated car with turbo kits. You want to lower compression for more power and safety. No? Or at least thats how it was back in the day. Either that or have really low boost.