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Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
Wow can't believe I never seen that before.
I guess thats why the 6 GC look so right. Because it suppose to have 4 doors in the first place.
Wonder if there other cars like this.
Coupé was a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage that was based on the coach(in today car language-sedan) but was smaller and lighter in weight. Originally the word coupé described any such cut-down coach body.

With cars becoming a product for general populace after World War II, Coupe was a two-door sedan.
It was a sedan focused primarly on the comfort of the driver and the front passenger; while eliminating two rear doors, the front doors could be longer and thus it was far more comfortable to get in the car (have in mind, that the mass market cars produced at the time were quite cramped).

Have a look at the first 3er Coupe.
The today BMW Coupes preserve that original idea; the design is evolved, however the base concept has not changed.
BMW was salvaged from ruin (Mercedes was going to buy it) with such small 4 and two door sedans.
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