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Originally Posted by RingMeister01 View Post
Meh. Americans have never had a reason to consider diesels in the past due to our low gas prices. It's a luxury to have a gasoline engine in Europe or a car at all for that matter. If diesels are for "real" enthusiasts why isn't there a 911 turbo diesel or a 458 diesel. I have driven a 335d and I think it's great but not better than the gas engine of a 335i. Why is your profile pic of Jeremy Piven? Maybe it's your head up your own ass.

The foreigners can complain all they want. We do not have to deal with
high gas prices. THEY also have been blessed with lesser emission
restrictions that make a diesel over here a real PIA. We also have
nice open stretches where high torque V8's are fun to drive. Not allot
of cramp medieval cities where a bicycle can get stuck. So
we are too busy having fun with our 500 hp affordable v8's, F250 King
Ranches too be worrying about oil burning matchboxes. Right now diesel
are a novelty item. Down the road might change
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