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Welcome to the 5DIII club you pompous douche bag

Sorry I had to say it since you said it first! No but really, Don't worry about people telling anything. Be happy with what you have & know that you're blessed & don't take it for granted. Coming out of high for myself, I got a job at jamba juice to afford my 20D & not until recently did I upgrade to my 5DIII for my wedding photography.

Anyways, I say work with what you have right now and find out what you LOVE to shoot. People can give you ideas for what lens to get and all that jazz, but in the end each lens works has its purpose. You've probably read somewhere to get the 24-70f/2.8L & the 70-200mmf/2.8L so you cover a great amount of range with just 2 lens & they are sharp & produce beautiful images... all this is true but in all honesty...
my 24-70mm never sees the light of day & I occasionally will use my 70-200mm during my weddings. BUT for another photographer, these lens just fit their style of work perfectly & they don't need anything else.

It all comes down to your own personal work flow & how you like to shoot & what you like to shoot. Speaking from personal preference, I really enjoy engaging with my surroundings (that's why I love shooting with prime lens). When I shoot with a zoom lens, I feel too stationary & in my heart, I feel like i'm not struggling to create; I become satisfy with what I see through the VF & I produce mediocre images. That's how I see it in my work flow. When I shoot with primes, I may be too far or too close. so that simple step back or forward allows me to really get into a rhythm as I work. But then again, I'm speaking from a wedding photographer's perspective.

You need to find a rhythm & a subject you love to shoot & struggle with it. I hope your photography journey brings you a lot of joy and I can't wait to see you progress!
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