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Originally Posted by hooligan_clt View Post
Yes, of course I did.

They retracted it because it was a BS study that was intentionally skewed. Which is also, not surprisingly, why they got sued.

The data shows that CrossFit isn't any more dangerous than other Olympic lifting or power lifting or gymnastic endeavors. Duh, CrossFit steals heavily from Olympic lifting, gymnastics and other barbell related fitness.

Further 20% is MILES away from your original assertion of, what was it again? Oh, yeah, 90%.

The comparison to soccer, football and the like is that no one in here is railing against playing in flag football or soccer leagues, but some folks act like CrossFit is the worst thing you can do.

Keep moving those goal posts, though. You've been wrong about everything you've posted here - except for your opinion that you don't like CrossFit. I eagerly await your peer reviewed study that backs up your 90%, and now ~80%, injury rate claims.

I tell you what..... your caught on the 90% #, and I presented that as sarcasm! Fact remains injury rate is too high, and it's developed the stereotype for a reason... it's true!

The NCSA had zero skin in the game or reason to skew the data, nor was it worth wasting money to litigate. After all C.F. was willing to shell out $$$$$$ to protect their appearance as a fun fitness environment which they present incredibly well on the social scope! They're a business, unlike the other which is an organization of true athletic specialists....

I can appreciate your passion for CF, yet I can assure you the % of occurances of injury is highly unacceptable amongst the RESPECTED FITNESS COMMUNITY. This is not to degrade the effort placed by individuals, or the goals, rather it's a reflection of poor structures and understanding of contradictions in basic motion. When was the last time we actually saw Greg Glassman do anything except talk in front of a white board with a dry erase marker? His jobs to sell!

But please please please don't compare C.F. and it's slice and dice approach to strict power lifting, Olympic lifting, or gymnastics..... its a blatant insult to guys like Eddie Hall or Bryan Shaw that master skills, mind muscle connection, form, plus they don't spend excessive time performing GHD crunches throwing their core out of alignment.

That's like comparing ice skating to hockey! Which might I add hockey still is the most talent required sport for multiple reasons, and I don't even live in a state with ice or snow!