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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Lewis is actually already WC . MAX has no chance anymore to win a race in this season . Honda just improved with the latest Spec/4 power source .But still it's not good enough and MAX had continuous lack of grip in the turns .
The third place was outstanding for him with the Honda with lack of power and grip . So . Like usual he did more with less ...

Ferrari is untouchable for the rest of the season .Their improvement (legal or not) is huge , as we could see even on a street circuit (not normal)
I heard several rumours ,yesterday and today .Even in the latest interview from RB-Horner .It's all about the Ferrari smell of grapefruit and strawberry . Anyway it's for sure it's a top secret in the F1 (Ferrari) world .
Honestly , first I thought it was a joke
i dont think RB's Honda is not good anymore.. Hamilton couldnt close the gap on straights to Max with DRS.. yes maybe RB lowered the wings more than Merc but still.. Merc has average top speed generally and seems RB is at least above average nowadays..

and often gossips end up true.. but there is a catch.. Ferrari is F1 and F1 is Ferrari also.. there is huge amount of Ferrari fans.. even if there is some cheating, and im not saying there is, it wont be the same treatment lets say with Haas or something..
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