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Any opinions on the BMW McGard-style wheel locks vs the BMW spline-style wheel locks?

I have the McGard-style now but someone overtorqued them causing wear to the key which I now have to replace. Dealer is trying to talk me into the BMW spline-style wheel locks which they claim have less chance of the key being damaged.

Not sure how the two compare as far as theft protection because it looked like I could buy master sets of the BMW spline-style keys very cheaply on Amazon but didn't see the same with McGard.

UPDATE: My dealer told me that he only sees five possible key combinations for the spline-style wheel locks, so the McGards must be more theft proof.

Note: Worn key couldn't get a grip on over tightened McGard lock bolt using a socket and two-foot bar. Dealer got it off using the key with one of those manual impact things that you hold in one hand and smack with a small sledgehammer. Then reset it for another smack. Harbor Freight, Sears and lots of tool places sell them <$20.

Any advice is appreciated.