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Originally Posted by draggy View Post
There's probably not much difference to a good thief that's equipped to get around wheel locks - if they want it they'll get it. Go with the option that won't fail YOU when you need to get your wheels off. I know people that have stopped using wheel locks altogether, even on expensive aftermarket wheels.
Thanks for your reply. Only car I ever had without wheel locks had its wheels stolen in broad daylight in the safest place I could imagine. So now I use McGard locks forever after.

In the future prior to having my car serviced I will remove the locks myself. Just can't trust anyone not to be lazy, stupid or make a mistake. I literally watched the last guy, who I respect, tighten my wheels with his torque wrench. It must be a defective wrench or he didn't notice that it was set too high.

Recently had an issue with a family car with steel wheels rusting to the wheel hub. Had a flat tire and could not get wheel off on the side of the road after bolts were out. Checked other family cars with steel wheels and they had the same problem! Had to hammer wheels off from behind with heavy plastic mallet. Wire brushed hubs with Formula 409, sprayed clean with brake cleaner and wiped surface that contacts wheel with very thin coat of lithium grease to prevent future rust seizing.