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Originally Posted by johnung View Post
HaHa. Easier said than done. At the time I had a brand new upscale sedan with the stock alloys and tires. I hadn't thought to add wheel locks yet. Suburbs. A few three story office buildings surrounded by nice residential neighborhoods. No obvious crime areas for at least 10 miles in any direction.

Came back to my office from lunch at 1:00pm on a weekday and at 1:45pm my car was spotted minus wheels/tires when someone returning from a late lunch called police. It was sitting on top of two old tires. My office friends were shocked that it happened at that location.

My car (and it's wheels) was in its first model year. Cops thought it could have been on a target list. There wouldn't be any wheels on the used market yet so would bring a good price if sold to auto body shops. A couple guys with a quick jack and tools could have grabbed them and been gone in a couple of minutes.
Are you serious... your tires didn't came with wheel locks from the dealer. Mine F36 m-sport, my friend base model 320i even came with a wheel locks from the dealer.