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Originally Posted by Ron Scott
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Who is the 335i marketed for....? I'm probably having a brain fart, but I can only imagine it for someone who enjoys a more powerful than average car. The 328i is 0-60 in 5.9 which is faster than most sedans, so what's the purpose of a 335i? I'm not flaming or being whatever, but how can they sell so many cars for what I can only imagine is such a small group of people who want one.
Think of 335 as a package option, with an engine upgrade from 4 to 6 cyls, plus Xenons and a moonroof.

Dont get caught up in the marketing presentation of lines and 328. Vs 335. They're all 3ers with options.

To me the upgrade was a no brainier...and a lot easier to justify than other options offered.

Could not agree more!