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Originally Posted by Cfichman View Post
Man don't listen to guys on e90post they are all procede(Shiv) groupies, same thing with n54tech but people are a little less attacking. Both the procede and JB are great products for the e90. The JB4 gets flack because the procede came out with certain features before the JB4, and the JB4 does the same thing for cheaper. I had the actual jb4 tune for my e90 and it was amazing. The install was about 100 times harder than the tune for the F30. FYI this is called a F30 JB(juice box) stage 1 tune. Stage 2 will come out soon. JB4 is the stage 4 jb for the e90.
Overall I love Terry, his customer service is the best you will ever experience from any product. He gets back to you within 5 minutes usually. The install for this product is a joke, like screwing in a lightbulb, in 2 very specific spots. No tools required. For code clearing I had my CAN tool from my e90.
Thanks. I thought the E90 forum was very pro Procede and N54Tech pro BMS or at least from what I've read. It's difficult for a newbie who's trying to do the proper research to sift through everything. From what I can tell (and I'm sure I'm way over simplifying things), Procede rewrites the timing maps whereas BMS uses the stock timing maps. Both systems fiddle with boost parameters and use the knock sensor to adjust the timing parameters accordingly. I'm unsure how each affects fuel delivery. I probably have it wrong so if someone can correct me that would be great.

On your CAN tool, do you use your laptop? What software interface do you use?

Thanks again!