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beautiful car, but in my eyes when you take away the exaggerated "concept" styling bits, its not as drastic as some may think.

in my opinion, when you look at F30 vs E90 side-by-side, the F30 just looks like an updated more modern version of the E90. Same with the F32, just looks like an updated E92 to me.

Also, I just dont see much of a difference compared to the F30. When I see a 6 series I never think about the 5 series. However when I see the F32 it is clearly a 2 door version of the F30 sedan in my opinion. Maybe that is because I own an F30 and can see the relationship easier than in the 5 vs 6 series. I don't know, will need to see in person I guess.

I was also just looking at an A5, and I don't think A4 when I see that car. Maybe that is a reason the price difference MAY not be as much as the $4K premium Audi charges for the A5 over the sedan.

I do love how its going to look though.

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