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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Don't get snarky!

Yes, the bug's weren't addressed last time it was in:
1. Squeaky seats.
2. Moaning steering wheel.
3. Random rattles.

#1 is somewhat addressed. #2 and #3 they can't seem to replicate, nor is it consistent for me, so I'll just give it 10,000 miles to sort out.

For reference, my Mitsu Evo VIII, Acura TSX/RDX never had these sort of fitment issues (squeaks, rattles, etc.)
My Acura rattled...especially in cold weather. Slam the door on a TL or Legend...with the window part way down. It rattles too. As a result, I've stayed away from Acura.

The only cars I've had that didn't rattle over time were a Nissan ZX, 2 Ford Explorers, and my two 3 series.

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