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Originally Posted by abeat1
SOS Call System Failure is flagging up on every journey I make, it flags up after about 7-8 mins of driving. Nothing has changed and although I have coded for enhanced Bluetooth this was several months ago. When the message appears I am still able to use Bluetooth as far as I can tell.
I have read somewhere that the speaker in the footwell may be disconnected?? Given my size 11s this could be possible.
Car is Jul 15 LCI F 30 330d
Any hints or tips gratefully received.

Not sure if it's the speaker or not...but I'm 99% sure it's nothing to do with your Bluetooth.

The e-call system is separate from the infotainment system...

I would take it and tell them... The SOS it's talking about is a system that calls emergency service automatically in the case of a crash.