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Brake disc wiping/drying?

Do any BMWs have this feature? Is this something that can be enabled via coding?

If you aren't familiar, this is a feature common on VAG cars, where any time the windshield wipers are active, the brakes are automatically applied very gently (you'd never know it was happening) to keep water from building up on the disks and causing poor initial bite.

I got so used to this feature with my last car, I've been surprised how bad the initial bite is in the rain on my F30. I can retrain myself to apply the brakes now and then in the rain, but I'd rather enable the feature if it is built into the control modules and simply disabled.

Does anyone know if BMW offers this feature on any cars (if not, it's not likely supported by the control modules at all).

I did search this forum, but saw no references to it that I could find.

Edit: Hmm, did searching elsewhere.. I've found claims that all BMWs have brake disc wiping, I wonder if it isn't working right on mine?