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Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
Should of been S4 vs C350 vs 335
That is not an Audi S4, here in Canada and the USA we have ONLY ONE engine for the A4 which is the 2.0L 211 bhp, while they used to offer the 3.2L that makes 265 bhp but they pulled it back in 2009 and NO IDEA why they did that.

Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
What going on here is that manufacturers don't share the same engines across all countries. Did you see the cars shown in a desert? That should have been the first hint this wasn't in the USA. The second hint should have been the words EVO Middle East printed across the page.
It says Dubai on the plate so its UAE, also manufacturers don't share engine yes but they also offer different models in other countries and they do not offer them here in Canada and the US! For Audi, they didn't send us the old RS6 back in 2008 and they are not offering the A1, A2, A5 sport back, A6L and just this year they started to offer the A8L. Same with Mercedes and BMW. No A class, not CLS so-called shooting brake and I'm sure you know the models that BMW doesn't offer here.

Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
Am I the only one who noticed this was EVO Middle East and done in Dubai? They don't use US currency over there people. I thought that was common knowledge.
The USD is around 3 UAE dirhams so IF you are paying 65k for a car, thats around 180k!

Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
Hmm that is odd. I have a fully loaded F30 335i and it's 'only' $55k. Still freaking expensive but still it's not $65k. Individual package maybe?

IF you go just north of the border into Canada, you can pick every option on your 2013 3 series and it will hit 72k! And im not talking about taxes, because if I do add taxes, you will be paying almost 84k! Because lets face it, its money coming out of your pocket. And dont forget that the CAD is higher than the USD, so do you see the irony here?
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