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Hey Matt,

I've got the same problem as you and mine started happening after 1000kms (at 2400kms now). I only started noticing mine when in sports mode and going over a bump and a left hand turn. It's now gotten a little worse and now happens in comfort, regardless on whether you are turning, although it is still mainly bumps, not potholes. It more noticable if you run over a couple of small bumps close together.

I have VSS and am not sure if that's a contributing factor. Took it into the dealer a couple of weeks ago and was able to replicate the problem for them. They're ordering a new steering rack from Germany, and it should be here in the next week or two. Reports from this thread, indicate it may not be the solution. Apparently it's fine for a week or two then the noise returns. I'd find a section of road which you can consistently replicate the problem before taking it in. Mine was as easy as the dealership driveway .....

I'll let you know how I go with mine, but a response that the noise is normal isn't going to cut it. If they can't fix it, I'll just keep getting them to order me a new steering rack every 2 weeks until they find a permanent fix. Or they can replace the car!

Thankfully I don't have any problems with my brakes, but there was a post on the main forums about squeaking brakes,