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Picked up my 2012 335i sport line 1 week ago. At first I didn't like the auto on/off feature, but have since been getting pretty used to it. I had read about the service bulletin, and my car was manufactured in February, but since I picked up my car on 4/30, I was expecting it to have already been dealt with.
I had the issue happen to me yesterday, and it was a little sketchy. Exactly as described, the motor fired up when I was ready to move at a stop light, but then immediately shut back off, and displayed a message about the auto on/off feature being disabled. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened, then I fumbled to put the car back in park, apply brakes, fire up motor, then go back to drive. I have an appointment tomorrow morning for service.
Be warned, even if you pick up your car now, the dealer may not have applied the patch! Make sure they do it before you roll out of there.
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