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Originally Posted by ZMM_OMG
Thanks for taking the time to post such a thorough review. It's nice to hear the perspective after one has lived with the car for awhile.

As you pointed out, you're one of the few I've heard who have migrated from the N57 to the petrol engine (not like we get that choice here in the U.S.) What initially motivated you to make the switch?
It's a pleasure!

Good question, let me take you back 18 months or so when I started to survey the market thoroughly and look for my new car. I heard of the F30 and was watching its testing thoroughly but was unsure if it would be launched in time!
So, after many spreadsheets and looking around, I ended up back at BMW with only the Audi A6 2.0TDI or 3.0TDI (204ps version) with little toys as a competitor. So with no 3 Series as yet, BMW offered up the 5 Series and X3 which were both more pleasant offerings than the A6, which I did like I must be honest but only for the interior. The exterior needed serious money spending on it and still looked bland as trout and the price for the little performance put me off. Also, I preferred the F10's interior.
So, it was between the 520d and 525d, and X3 xDrive20d. The 30d/35d in both was too expensive on tax.
The the X3 lost out because the 5 Series did everything for me better than the X3. So, 520d or 525d?
Both however needed a lot of money spending inside and out and I felt required M Sport to make them look like they should which was a huge compromising factor as I didn't have much left to spend on the overpriced optional extras and still didn't have the ideal engine, although both units are strong.
So, when I about decided on a 525d SE with a few average options, the F30 was launched and it looked amazing!
I even managed to get a drive in a lightly camouflaged 320d Sport Line before it was launched and I loved the car! Then I saw the engines and my heart sank. No 330d, no 335d. Gutted. The 320d was good, but coming from a 330d, I wanted more!
About to go back to the 525d, I saw the 28i and it beat or matched my E90 330d in every aspect apart from MPG.
A petrol?! Can I really get a petrol?
I must!
I did!
I'm glad!

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