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Originally Posted by producerlawson View Post
I got both of mine through a parts store of a dealership, they kind of help out the community with really good prices too. That way I get good shipping and a 2 year manufacture warranty.

The install for me was plug and play, purely because I did the conversion a little while ago.

What I did in essence was create one of these out of parts:

The plugs from BMW though added up to around 50, so by the time you've been to an electrical store for some wire and varied size crimp connector pins you'll have spent around 60/65.. so you may as well buy the premade kits on eBay that retail for about 60 (basically whats on that photo).

All you have to do is plug this into your final set of wires before your inner tail lights, almost like daisy chaining them, and then you plug your inner tail light connectors into that adapter. All whats left then is to run the extra white cable into your harness in the boot (near the battery) - super simple, you just have to take your time and read up on the instructions a few times before hand so that it doesn't seem as daunting
I've just installed the harness pictured and LCI tail lights.

Routing the inner indicator cables was a pain on the F36 but got them wired through.

Last thing I need to do is connect into the REM, I'd rather posi tap to the existing outer indicator cables.

Which cables do I need to connect onto?



Found it on your other thread.

"Again based on my experience, these were the following:
Left indicator: black & white striped wire running into the far right plug on the REM module
Right indicator - purple & black striped wire running in the left plug on the REM module (not middle! this only controls the inner right light, we need the original source of the indicator from the outer right light)"
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