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Originally Posted by tony20009
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Not that your math is off but why are you comparing it with a base 328?

The car has the same performance as a 335i (even more HP/TQ) which has a base of $42,800 vs the active hybrid base of $49,300. Thats only a difference of $6500.

Redo your calculations with that model.
Why do I need to redo the calculation? You do it. One can easily extrapolate the information I provided to apply to the 335. No additional calculation per se is needed. Surely you aren't saying it's not obvious that if it takes 10.83 years to recover $13K it must take half that time to recover half that amount, using the values of my example above? Similarly, if one halves the hybrid's mpg to a more realistic 50 mpg, it'll take the same 10.83 years to recover $6500, or 21+ years to recover $13K. The example I provided wasn't haphazardly developed.

Perhaps I'm being unduly sarcastic. Were you of the impression that the hybrid would get 100 mpg, or that 25 mpg is an implausible estimate for the non-hybrid? I don't really know what the hybrid's mpg is (will be), but I'm betting it won't be anything close to 100 mpg and that it will be something around 50 mpg at best. But I've lost bets before, perhaps I will this time too...

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The ActiveHybrid 3 is NOT just about the gas mileage and money savings, folks. I guess some people just can't see beyond that. It's nice to get slightly better MPG, but it's not the main selling point of the car IMO.
So what is the main selling point? I would imagine there are some factors that make buying the hybrid "worth it." My point is simply that there aren't any quantitative monetary ones, along with responding to someone's (Imola I think???) request for an analysis of the cost difference's recovery interval.
You don't buy a BMW to begin with for monetary reasons. You buy a Honda Accord for monetary reasons. You buy a BMW because it's exciting to drive.