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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
PDC is only a driving aid, not a substitute to using our driving skills. Not sure BMW are to blame, unless the PDC definitely doesn't work. Even then how can a user prove it is BMW at fault after the event?
Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
I agree with Pete.

No offence to any of the above members but trying to attach blame to everyone and everything is so tiresome. And unfortunately increasingly common.
I agree in part. The sensors are faulty in my opinion - or at least not as accurate as those on the previous model.

Earlier today i reversed up against a small wall, which was located off to one side (similar to the post i hit). As a test i observed what was happening. I got within a foot or so of it with intermittent beeping and varying green, yellow, green, red, yellow, red random visuals (roughly in the area of the wall. I then stopped and sat there. The beeps would stop, then start, and sometimes stop for quite a while. The display would still show yellow, but no beeps... I did this on the opposite site to the sensor which hit the post just incase that sensor had been damaged (which i'm pretty certain it did not)

I am not looking to avoid the cost of the repair so much as get BMW to agree that the sensors are substandard compared to their previous model. You are correct that i can not prove that my particular incident was anything to do with faulty sensors, even if they did find my sensors to be faulty.

I agree that we should not rely on technology and that the sensors are just an aid, but when that aid (or any aid) can not be trusted it stops being an aid and starts to be come a hinderance/liability.

A poor outcome would be that they say the sensors are not faulty and this is as good as they get.
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