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Originally Posted by Spacebug View Post
Earlier today i reversed up against a small wall, which was located off to one side (similar to the post i hit). As a test i observed what was happening. I got within a foot or so of it with intermittent beeping and varying green, yellow, green, red, yellow, red random visuals (roughly in the area of the wall. I then stopped and sat there. The beeps would stop, then start, and sometimes stop for quite a while. The display would still show yellow, but no beeps... I did this on the opposite site to the sensor which hit the post just incase that sensor had been damaged (which i'm pretty certain it did not)
I've had the same experience - reverse up to a wall (especially if it's at an angle), stop moving and the rear sensors/beeping/graphics seem to do their own thing. The front sensors seem to be much more 'consistent' though.

If you're near Brighton then might not hurt to get over to Chandlers in Portslade to have a look.
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